Bringing the Scriptures and Classics to Life

I’m a speaker, a teacher, an author, a believer, a mother and a grandmother. My two books, Back to the Best Books and The User-friendly Book of Mormon both shed a modern light on some classic texts.

Introduce the Scriptures to the Next Generation

I love to connect with young audiences. I find that an open heart and inquisitive mind are keys to relating to people of any age or background. My goal is to take the guilt out of scripture study and bring the text to life with surprising facts and insights.

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For three years I’ve taught a weekly scripture course in Cardiff, California, and this year we filmed the lessons. I hope you enjoy these recordings of the Book of Mormon course, and would love to hear your comments.

Schedule me to Speak

I speak to groups on topics ranging from Dickens to David and Bathsheba. I especially love speaking to youth about dealing with modern anxiety through study, meditation and prayer. If you have a good-sized group I will try to come ~ let’s get it on the calendar.

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When you buy one of my books all of the profit goes to the Faulkner Foundation, dedicated to improving the lives of women and children. So while you are doing a good thing for your soul, you’re also doing a good thing for someone in need!